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Poster/Flyer Design

Posters and flyers created by Stivers Media Design & Consulting are artistic and skillfully created, while also clearly sharing information. Posters that are both informative and visually appealing are a great way to introduce your business to a wider audience.



Having invitations professionally prepared is the wisest move a party organizer can do! Delegating this duty will reduce your workload by hours and make party preparation easier. Your invitations are your first contact with your event attendees, so you must build a positive rapport. The last thing you should do is send your clients, family, or friends invitations that are cumbersome and poorly constructed.

Designs by Stivers Media Design and Consulting will tell everybody that this affair will be an extraordinary affair!


Newsletters are an efficient marketing tool for maintaining contact with existing customers and attracting new ones. However, a newsletter's design also plays an important role. If you routinely distribute newsletters, you can increase sales and build your brand's reputation. With each email you send, your relationship with customers will improve and the likelihood that they will purchase your product will increase. Your brand will become more identifiable if it is aesthetically pleasing. Stivers Media Design & Consulting can assist you in accomplishing all of these goals!

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